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Chief Executive Officer at Krohn Media. A well respected and highly recognized business leader.

These programming languages command high salaries and will be relevant throughout the next decade.

These languages are ranked in no particular order, as I believe proficiency in any of these skill-sets will be valuable for the foreseeable future. …

There are three popular frameworks for client-side web development, of which one should be in your toolbox.

For every programmer on the planet, there’s 3.7 JavaScript frameworks. At least it seems like it. The market for client-side tools is overly saturated.

This is an issue not only for experienced programmers…

We can cut big costs from e-Commerce projects by taking advantage of themes already built.

As a web development firm, we know a good chunk of cost for any custom project is the design and implementation of the user interface. This is public facing, what the visitors see, and determines…

Website Vulnerabilities

It’s a rare occurrence when we see a website have their security headers set with no JavaScript library vulnerabilities.

Since we’ve been beta-testing our website auditor, we’ve reviewed enough sites to have a good handle on the common security vulnerabilities that plagues the web. …

Website Audits

What is a Website audit?

A website audit has become an integral part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methodology. Website audit refers to the process of analyzing a website and the various elements therein to identify possible issues so that appropriate measures can be taken to improve the site’s ranking in search engine results.


GrapheneOS Smart Phone

If you’re searching for a smartphone with bulletproof security and privacy, you’ll love GrapheneOS.

If you’re an iPhone user and you’re happy with it, this solution won’t apply to you, but this phone could be a good secondary or backup for when you want to stay off the grid or…

Krohn Media Newsletter

Krohn Media

This is the first issue for our new newsletters. Keep checking back as we improve it.

This is the first issue for a newsletter concept we’re putting together that will combine various news, tidbits, and development tools that we find interesting and relevant to our core services of…

Krohn Media — Stop Typing Passwords

Human nature makes us lazy and cut corners. Use a tool to make password management easy, and therefore, secure.

I haven’t had to type a password in years, yet I have accounts on hundreds of websites. …

Social Share Buttons

Most social media plugins are not good for your website’s performance or visitors’ security. There’s an easy way to implement a clean, secure solution.

Being a firm that improves search engine optimization, we understand websites need to publish their articles and content on social media platforms. …

Steven Krohn

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