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Steven Krohn
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“ShadeMyTrade” is an application designed in partnership with BiFrostCoin to help novice traders by allowing them to piggy back on the trades of expert traders. With that in mind, we are developing a clean and simple interface for everyone.

What we are about to show requires that both novice and expert traders have already created their accounts on the ShadeMyTrade Platform by BiFrostCoin.

On that note, its important to state that an expert trader will have to provide a set of successful trades before being permitted into the eco-system where novices can learn from them.

Let’s say a novice registers.

The first thing they will see is their dashboard which allows them to choose an expert trader to “shade”.

Shown here for example:


The novice user will be required to fund the system with FROST. Frost (BiFrostCoin) will be dynamically converted to the trading pair used by their selected expert trader.

Both novice and expert trader will be able to browse all previous/current trades shown here:


Once a novice chooses to “shade a trade”, the core of the system comes into play. The trade editor screen will be used by both the novice and expert trader.

It’s important to note that the novice can close the trade at any time and override the expert trader.

The novice may well be happy with profit made and choose to exit before the expert trader. If they do not exit, then the SMT system will exit the trade for them at the same time the expert trader does.


In the example above, a novice is reviewing his or her trade thus the trade is still open. They can close at any time they feel happy with their profit. All data displayed on the screen is LIVE and Realtime.

Should either side close the trade, the trade is locked. No further action can be taken upon it,

This is shown here for example:.


Anyone can register as an expert trader. That said, you will be scored on your results, not just on one criteria.

The system will track and, indeed, ask you what type of trades you typically make. Long, short, day trading, all will be taken into account.

Some novices will want quick returns while some are happy to wait longer for higher returns. In addition, all will be welcome to register as experts.

The system will ensure that the cream rises to the top organically.

Expert traders will need to complete at least 5 trades before being displayed on the platform for novices to chose from.

We will support multiple exchanges. That starts with the biggest, then we work our way down the list of exchanges. Most likely, expect Binance to be first.

We need to take this approach because there is no unified exchange API available.

We will essentially be rolling out our own, not a difficult task. Speed to market is important, so from the biggest to the smallest is the plan on exchange

“I’d like to point out that FROST (BiFrostCoin) conversion into the trading pairs used for any trade will be based on current market value of FROST. So, now is the ideal time to buy as much FROST as possible to take advantage of the leverage you get as we increase in price.”

“From this point forward, you are going to see a lot more updates from each sector of the team.”

“First, The Lead Developer will be updating any high level changes or new functionality, Second, the Developers will be updating with development progress. Third, Marketing will be updating the media for full exposure.”

“Expect updates and LOTS Of Them.”

“We have to build belief in the platform. 99% of coins make promises they can’t deliver.”

“We (ShadeMyTrade AND BiFrostCoin) are going to deliver and well!”

“We have saved a lot of time by using the same screens for both novice and expert traders.”

“Why? This will tremendously help us with time to market.”

“We will be consistently updating the timescales once we have fully defined what goes into phase one and what goes into later phases.”

“We have made some clever choices, at a design level, to help speed up the time to market.”

“I don’t anticipate a lengthy development nor problematic process.”

“It’s been too well thought out for us to hit any major stumbling blocks.”

Please continue to frequently check back with us for exciting updates and major announcements on

“ShadeMyTrade” — via — BiFrostCoin (FROST).

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THANK YOU for all of your support and patience as we develop a world class platform for everyone to take advantage of.

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Steven Krohn

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