Digital Marketing For Your ICO

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a new and exciting way of raising funds for your current business or for an idea that you want to turn into reality. A key component to be successful is digital marketing for your ICO.

Until now, companies conducted Initial Public Offerings thus giving up equity in the company. Your other option was to take on debt to raise capital. Both choices have obvious downsides most of the time.

An IPO is notoriously complex and difficult because of the increasing regulation by the SEC. Taking a loan out means carrying debt, not always a great option for a growing company.

Conducting an ICO is a very attractive solution. You can raise capital without carrying debt or giving up equity while bypassing the rigors of regulatory agencies.

This does not mean that simply conducting an ICO will result in an influx of capital. If no one knows about your company’s ICO, then no one is going to invest in it.

In this article, we are going to feature tips about digital marketing for your ICO.

Before we proceed to specific ICO marketing tips, it’s imperative that you have a firm foundation in place. The idea is to ensure that your digital marketing efforts won’t be wasted.

Remember, regulatory boards are basically taken out of the mix. Hence, the responsibility of ensuring the legitimacy of an ICO shifts to the investors.

This is worth repeating! Since there is no SEC, it is the investor’s responsibility to ensure the security of their currency.

When you are conducting an ICO, it’s your obligation to present your company as honest and reputable. This helps ensure that investors will consider buying your token/coin.

Here are a few essential tips on how to accomplish these tasks:

* Promote a Major Investor As Part Of Your Team.

Potential investors will feel increasingly secure if a major influencer is investing in your company.

* Get In Touch With The Community

If your company sells a new kind of fishing bait, then be active in forums and social media groups that are geared toward fishing.

* Build A Solid Team

Smart investors know that having a great team is an essential part of business success. You should focus extensively on choosing the best and most qualified team members.

Once a foundation is in place, it’s time to start digital marketing for your ICO.

Digital Marketing For Your ICO

* Optimize Your Website For Search Engines

This is very critical if you are in an unregulated industry. There are times when a fraudulent site ranks higher than a legitimate one. Investors will thus lose their money by being scammed.

You can’t blame the investors, but too many believe the “fake” site is the real deal. Consequently, those scammed will spread the word on how the “fake” site stole their currency. That will severely tarnish that specific company’s reputation, as well it should.

* Put A Lot Of Effort Into Your White Paper

This is basically your proposal to potential investors. Smart investors will immediately focus on your white paper.

If you have a mediocre white paper, then investors will conclude that you are a mediocre entrepreneur. Don’t count on them investing in your coins anytime soon.

It’s imperative that you spend quality time writing your white paper!

* Always Create An Explainer Video

If you want to have a successful ICO, then you need to attract the attention of potential investors. This can present a big challenge.

You absolutely should create a brief video to explain what your company is trying to achieve. An explainer video is the tool used that will capture the most attention.

* Start An Email List

You should be doing this from day one! An email list is an excellent way of sending updates to your investors. They are the perfect people to eventually become ambassadors for your ICO.

E-mail marketing has outlasted the test of time for a reason, because it works! That means you should be doing it.

* Take Advantage of Social Media

This is a very powerful tool because everyone is on at least one network and generally several. Everyone should be on at least one social media site.

Social media is also a great platform to build a more intimate relationship with your investors and potential investors. It is an optimum method of delivering information.

ICOs have the potential to revolutionize how companies raise capital. This does not mean that once you launch an ICO, investors will rush to buy your tokens. You still need to distribute the information to as many people and as well as possible.

With the tips we outlined, one should have the basic understand on how to execute digital marketing for your ICO.

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