UnityDefi Mobile Has Arrived!

Steven Krohn
3 min readApr 22, 2022

We strive to be the best as part of a mission to create simplicity for interaction with blockchain Dapps. As digital technology evolves, the use of mobile phones is at an all time high. Thus, the need to speed up processes, enabling quick and reliable access directly to your applications.

We developed RYIPAY to manage your crypto assets. The goal is to allow investors to manage their assets quickly and efficiently.

Now our team brings you UnityDefi Mobile. UnityDefi mobile enables users to quickly access their assets and manage them on the go, imperative for a quickly growing market.

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UnityDefi Mobile App

UnityDefi is a decentralized exchange with many features. To include trading crypto, Yield-farming, Staking cryptocurrencies, Staking NFTs , playing the Crypto Lottery, utilizing the NFT Marketplace and launching NFT Collections.

We are also integrating a Multi-Blockchain Swap, thus users of UnityDefi can swap cryptocurrencies from any chain to another chain of their choice. In addition, UnityDefi has incorporated Chainlink Verifiable Randomness for security measures to give confidence to the users of the platform.

Also built in are our special features such as a Anti-Whale Mechanism in order to limit overly large transactions to prevent flash loans. Providing a ‘Whale protection mechanism”. Additionally, the platform has been audited by Solidity Finance. We make security a top priority to ensure users have the upmost confidence when using our platform.

Our New Mobile App

The new mobile app allows you to manage your assets as efficiently and effectively as from your desktop. That said, the mobile app is much quicker, providing our users with real time access to interact with UnityDefi. Our mission is to ensure everyone is provided the best opportunities to grow their assets while managing the Crypto/NFT market.

Steven Krohn

Brand Ambassador at Phoenix Initiative, Chief Advisor at RYI Unity