Steven Krohn
2 min readJan 31, 2022

When we founded CRYPTO PHOENIX, we built the first token cryptocurrency to combine the real-life usefulness of utility tokens with the community based innovation of meme tokens. CRYPTO PHOENIX is the world’s first Commu-Tility token.

The project is fully decentralized, relying on our vibrant community to create new methods of crypto utility. We are a community token with the sole purpose of real-life effectiveness.

There will never be a donation address. There will never be a Patreon-style market fund address. All marketing funds will be generated exclusively by the Tokenomics highlighted in our ignite paper.

How To Buy

1 — Create MetaMask wallet

2 — Send ETH to your wallet

3 — Connect your wallet to Uniswap

4 — Swap ETH for CPHX (set slippage to .01% and make the last digit on CPHX a 1.)

5 — Click Add Token

6 — Click Custom Token, type the address, click Add Tokens

Token Address (0x8689d850cdf3b74a1f6a5eb60302c785b71c2fc7)

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Steven Krohn

Brand Ambassador at Phoenix Initiative, Chief Advisor at RYI Unity